Clay Crafts and Pottery Fun with Earthen Cycles


Merry Rocks Clay Play is an informal and creative pottery studio in the quiet environment of Merry Rocks Street, Durbanville. Here anyone is welcome to come learn about ceramics and pottery, work on their own projects, and have fun while doing it.

At Merry Rocks Clay Play we embrace the earthen cycles of clay to pottery. We do this by paying attention to everything from the origins of the clay, to the chemistry of the glazes, and all the way through to the beautiful end-results that emerge from the kiln and end up in your home.

In our kids parties and classes we focus on individual needs, styles, and processes, rather than offer a structured teaching that puts everyone in the same mold. We want to give you the chance to discover and enjoy your own creative process, with expert guidance available whenever you need it! We also believe that it is important to enjoy each other’s company and creative energies, sharing the joy of creating pottery and ceramics in an open and inviting studio setting.

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Pottery Workshop and Classes

Our clay play principles are based on a hobbyist exploration of ceramics in an affordable and informal space where everyone is able to learn, create, teach and share in turn. We believe in creative passion and having fun making something yourself. Just try to compare the pleasure you get from using a plate or cup that someone spent time shaping and decorating with their hands, eyes, and imagination to using an impersonal and flawless industrially-produced ceramic product!

It is because of this that we believe everyone can, and should, come and make something at our studio – whether it is to learn something new, to indulge your artistic-side, or to meet other creative people! We offer three weekly sessions that anyone can join. We also welcome you to contact us about kids’ parties or corporate team-building event, and we will work out a special program to suit your group.

In all of our class sessions and events we hold onto this motto:

It is a good day when you walk out of the studio with a new pot fresh from the kiln, but it is an excellent day when you walk out with light feet and a smile on your face.

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