Fun Creative and Experimental Pieces

A selection of variation and expression by those who come to play with clay. There is beauty and admiration in how people can use the same method, or materials and end up with a totally unique piece. Everyone has their own take on the same thing and we encourage this individuality. Every piece produced by you is special in some way because it has a little of you in it.

Clay Play Space

We take care of our garage turned Clay Space, though we can’t be tidy 24/7 we are organized or busy reorganizing and always looking to upgrade and revamp the next corner. Keep relaxed and browse for some ideas on the internet (wifi maybe), from scrapbooks and other or some inspiration from a cup of tea or coffee.


Some moments and works produced from the busy bodies at the parties we have had the honour of hosting. We get clay on our hands, we make colourful ceramics, we snack and we learn about the earth


Processes and pieces

Le Roux

Processes and pieces