Pottery Parties

We offer tailored parties for children and adults built around a practical and informative theme which include educational elements about the story of clay set in a fun and creative environment. These events include practical examples and interactive demonstrations of the different types of clays, glazes and methods used in pottery. The group will get a hands-on experience of the whole process of what it takes to turn a clump of raw earth into a beautiful piece of functional ceramics. The workshop-based party also includes a demonstration of throwing clay on the potter’s wheel and casting mugs and plates.

Kids Pottery Parties

Each child in the group gets to make something by themself. We supply a pre-rolled slab of clay for press-molding into a plate or bowl and a bisked mug for painting and decorating. Half-way through the day the group will be able have drinks and snacks on the veranda, explore the fairy garden, and play around or take a bit of well-earned rest. Finally, we give each child a hump of clay for some fun and creative free-form experimentation.

At the end of the day we ensure that the group has named each of their pieces and we will proceed to put it through the baking and glazing process over a duration of 2 weeks after which it can be collected or delivered. See something you made yourself transform into a beautiful ceramic work is always worth the wait!

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Practical information

Contact us regarding pricing.

The party duration is 2 to 3 hours (can be extended or shortened depending on group size or request). Food and drink is to supplied by an attending (or participating ) adult(s) of the party group.

Pottery Team Building Events

For team building events or adults parties we offer the option of either painting bisked mugs, cups, bowls or plates – or to create something from scratch by either hand-building or press-molding techniques. For building from scratch it should be noted that either a follow up day can be organised for the group to do post-bisked decorating, or we can have the created pieces glazed as requested. The event will include an introduction into the understanding of clay and ceramics.

We will have the clay prepared depending on your requests either to make functional or decorative items for offices, homes, or charity institutes. The event can consist of:

  • Making Christmas, halloween and other festive decorations
  • Starting a fun wall-tiling project
  • Making potted plant holders
  • Painting mugs, cups, or bowls
  • Making bowls, plates, soap dish, or any other imaginable item!

There are a lot of options and ways to spend some creative time with those around you and we are open to suggestions or questions you may have.

Practical Information

Contact us for information regarding pricing. Group sizes are between 5 and 10 people. Time can be 2 – 3 hours. Food and drink is self-catered, we will provide space for a lunch/snack break in the garden.